Day 17 – In Chennai on a training

Testing times are over

…as in the test, for which I was preparing yesterday night, was taken today. I scored a decent enough score, but a bigger relief was that 2 tests are over. There’s one still left on the coming Friday though.

About the luncheon

Today, we went to ‘Rangoli’ in Sarvana Bhavan for lunch. This serves Gujarati and Rajasthani food. The ambience was really nice.

The food was really great with tasty dhokla and  kachori in starters.

Each and every dish in the thali deserved a refill… but we even had to go back and attend the training. 🙂

At the end of the meal, we were served a nice ‘meetha pan’.

Day 2 – At Chennai on a training

Great breakfast + Nice lunch + Not extraordinarily boring training = Not so bad day

If you get nice piping hot aloo parathas in breakfast, there’s not much that can make your day go bad. We had a nice filling breakfast at the guest house.

Training was Ok types. Not so much boring. And there was some new stuff to learn.

For lunch, we went to the much-hyped Sarvana Bhavan. The food was good, but the prices seemed quite high, and the options seemed quite limited. I guess, the high prices were partly attributable to the silver plates in which they served the food. The Shiv-Sagar restaurant at Aundh, Pune has much more choices in South Indian menu.

Moreover, got myself a nice filter coffee at the end of the meal.

One more thing I discovered about Chennai. The minimum auto-fare is Rs. 30. Even if we wanted to go quite nearby, we always ended up paying at least 30 bucks.

And one more thing that I felt – deciphering Marathi in Pune seems a cake-walk compared to communicating in Chennai with auto-walas, shop keepers, etc.