Had not thought (Socha Na Tha)

Had not thought
We’d meet again,
But we did.

Had not thought
We’d laugh again together,
But sure we did.

Had not thought
I’d fight for you,
But I couldn’t stop myself.

Had not thought
I would come so far,
But now wouldn’t stop myself.

Had not thought
You would come so far,
But now I’m there to hold your hand.

Had not thought
We’d really be so crazy,
But now that we’re together, I’m glad.

Credits: The poem has been based on the movie Socha Na Tha, so due credit goes to the movie. Equal credit goes to my wife for making me see the movie. I really couldn’t have missed this one.


I am just like you;
only that I am black.
I go away when it’s dark;
in the light, I am back.

Sometimes I’m taller than you;
but sometimes am shorter.
On the land, I like to lie;
like to ripple with the water.

If you do something wrong, I cry.
But you do not notice me.
I feel I want to leave you there,
then go away and be free.

But then I come to face the truth,
that things do not work that way;
that I’ll have to be with you,
always and come what may.

All about an Idea

It was all about an idea;
Thought of it,
Dreamt of it,
Just nurtured it like a plant.

I was happy –
It was growing.
But alas – one day,
The water dried out.

The leaves were yellow;
Some fell on the mud.
I cried out to my heart:
Wish I would have asked someone for water.

(Background of this poem: I wrote this poem while attending a workshop on Ideas and Innovation. One of the key learnings there was about sharing the idea with others and collectively building upon it, so that it can be duly taken forward and implemented. )

Beautiful Morning

When the first golden sun rays fall on the earth,
their magic makes this place a lot more worth.

Birds welcome the morning chirping all the way –
if this is so great, how beautiful would be the entire day.

Plants and bushes sway to the gentle breeze,
it’s pleasant when the sunlight filters through the trees.

Some are going to their schools; some going for tread;
Some are busy praying, while some still prefer the bed.

Mornings are like the newborn – glowing and pure.
Breathe them with your soul – the day’ll be good for sure.

(A short poem I wrote about mornings, partly during my morning walk.)