Day 1 – Trip to Mathura

Some clarifications first
I am not a frequent traveler type. These two adjoining trips are just by coincidence.

Mathura station
We got down at Mathura station at 7:30 am. The station is not at all clean, and it was a relief when we got out of the station. Our first mode of transport was a chartered six-seater. The driver was quite helpful with our luggage and finding the lodge address.

First darshan of Yamuna Maiyya
We went to Vishraam Ghaat in the afternoon, where we had an amazing view of the sacred Yamuna river. The water level was quite high and it the view was very scenic. This is the place where the morning and evening aarti happens. But right now, the activity level was very low. Our official mode of transport now was a cycle-rickshaw that carries two people at a time.

The travel itinerary starts
We went to Krishna Janma Bhoomi in the evening and attended the evening aarti at Yamunaji. But as cameras and cellphones are not allowed at the former place, we did not carry any photographing device. Hence, missed clicking that part.

Food factor
The lodge where we are staying has a facility of having food there. The food was great, and was like home made food. Last time when we had visited Mathura (about five years back), we really had a tough time finding a good food outlet.

Last 2 days – In Chennai on a training

—– Written at 4:30 PM on Sep, 11 —–

They say, Life is made up of good and bad experiences

So far, our stay in Chennai had been quite good. But just on the second last day, the power went off in one of the phases at about 11:50 pm. So only a few of the rooms in the guest house had no electricity – our room being one of them. We tried to sleep for some time, after trying all possible avenues to make the room airy. But with mosquitoes buzzing around, sleep was a remote thought. We then asked the guest house attendants to shift mattresses from our bed to our friends’ room, which had electricity, thus utilizing all the possible floor space in their room. But after a lot of this action, we got a really great sleep.

Many times, there are such small unsettling incidents in our life, which we often complain of. But don’t you think that a boring and mundane routine does need some fun like this??

Why do we have tests?

There was one last test left in the training, for which I started studying intensely. I somehow have this strange thing, that even for a completely useless test, I just cannot stop myself from preparing well. I am not saying that then I perform extremely well. Only that I get really tense before any test. In this test I got 85%, and was quite happy with that.

Shopping time

The training ended by 3 pm, giving us a couple of free hours, before the cab pickup for airport. I did some shopping at Shri Krishna Sweets (purchased chutney powder and pickles) and Nuts and Spices.

Last filter coffee

I could not have left Chennai before having a last filter coffee. I went to Shri Balaji Bhavan at Pondy Bazaar, and had a really strong filter coffee, savoring its taste for quite some time.


So now I was ready to bid adieu. This is the street where our guest house is located. And there’s an old model BMW car parked on this street that we used to see everyday…

—– Written at 8 AM on Sep, 12 —–

They say, God listens to what you speak

But God also reads what you blog. After I wrote the first point about upheavals being fun, things started that way. Our airport pickup vehicle was just a non AC Qualis for 6 persons with 6-week-planned luggage. Our bags had to be loaded on the roof of the car. Even though we complained about it to the admin, the next vehicle took a lot of time to arrive. Hence, we decided to proceed, else we would miss the flight. Traffic in Chennai had never posed a problem to us, because of the area where stayed and the hours when we traveled. But there was a very heavy traffic till the airport. We heaved a sigh of relief only when we reached the airport.

Back to 24°C

The weather seemed great when we landed at Pune.

No Water

When I reached home at 11:45 pm, there was no water stored, as i had emptied all the water bottles before leaving for the training. There was no water in the taps, even though the society water supply was generally available till 12. I was also hesitant to wake up neighbors at this late hour. I should have remembered to purchase a mineral water bottle at the airport. I was remembering Geet’s dialogue in Jab we met movie – “Please babaji, Ab is raat me koi aur excitement mat dena, boring banado is raat ko please”

Paani ka mol pehchaniye

Do you remember this Doordarshan ad? I was able to collect one glass of water from 3 different taps. I boiled it on gas stove and allowed it to cool under the fan. Then I put it in freezer and then had a glass of cool water. Should be enough till the morning when the water supply starts and the aqua-guard would work.

Day 17 – In Chennai on a training

Testing times are over

…as in the test, for which I was preparing yesterday night, was taken today. I scored a decent enough score, but a bigger relief was that 2 tests are over. There’s one still left on the coming Friday though.

About the luncheon

Today, we went to ‘Rangoli’ in Sarvana Bhavan for lunch. This serves Gujarati and Rajasthani food. The ambience was really nice.

The food was really great with tasty dhokla and  kachori in starters.

Each and every dish in the thali deserved a refill… but we even had to go back and attend the training. 🙂

At the end of the meal, we were served a nice ‘meetha pan’.

Day 13 & 14 – At Chennai on a training

Lunch at Murugan Idli Shop

Like last Saturday, this time also we went to this place for lunch. Food was amazing, especially the idlis and sweet pongal.

Watched Socha na tha for 6th time

Watched this movie on my laptop on Saturday afternoon. Amazing movie by Imtiaz Ali, where Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia are both looking very innocent.

Besant Nagar beach

We planned to spend the evening at the Besant Nagar beach. However, due to our miscalculation of Sunset time and traffic, we reached when it was already dark. There were plenty of food stalls on the beach and the adjoining road, which reminded me of Juhu beach. We ate lot of junk stuff like mirchi bhajji, pizza, ice cream, etc.

(I am there in the 2nd pic 🙂  We are at a fast-food place called Vgan. Nice food here.)

The raw material for mirchi bhajji is stocked in a style…

This is not a search engine, but an ice-gola brand… and that too trademarked…

Lunch on Sunday

We had exactly the same lunch at Murugan Idli on Sunday as we had on Saturday. Yes, each and every item same, with filter coffee at the end..

Visit to Temple

We have this beautiful Jain temple (on G.N. Chetty Road) near our guest house. Visited this place in the evening – very nice place with grand marble structures.

Day 12 – At Chennai on a training

And it’s Friday

Friday always brings a lot of joy for everybody – because the next two days are free from any work, meetings, trainings, etc. You can get up late, watch as much TV as you want, surf internet, etc. So planning to relax a bit for the next two days.

Back to junk food – but only for a change

We went to Pizza Hut today for lunch, for a change. That is, after having sambar and chutneys for so many days.

There was this nice piece of art on a wall inside.

Day 11 – At Chennai on a training

Weather report

Weather in Chennai has become quite unpredictable. It was sunny and hot till the afternoon – but rained quite a bit in the evening.

Co-curricular activities during the training

Tried some photography skills during the training session. Below is one such snap of sunlight passing through water bottle.

Reflection for the day:

Do not see your achievements in the way other people perceive them. First think what you are landing yourself into.