Day 13 & 14 – At Chennai on a training

Lunch at Murugan Idli Shop

Like last Saturday, this time also we went to this place for lunch. Food was amazing, especially the idlis and sweet pongal.

Watched Socha na tha for 6th time

Watched this movie on my laptop on Saturday afternoon. Amazing movie by Imtiaz Ali, where Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia are both looking very innocent.

Besant Nagar beach

We planned to spend the evening at the Besant Nagar beach. However, due to our miscalculation of Sunset time and traffic, we reached when it was already dark. There were plenty of food stalls on the beach and the adjoining road, which reminded me of Juhu beach. We ate lot of junk stuff like mirchi bhajji, pizza, ice cream, etc.

(I am there in the 2nd pic 🙂  We are at a fast-food place called Vgan. Nice food here.)

The raw material for mirchi bhajji is stocked in a style…

This is not a search engine, but an ice-gola brand… and that too trademarked…

Lunch on Sunday

We had exactly the same lunch at Murugan Idli on Sunday as we had on Saturday. Yes, each and every item same, with filter coffee at the end..

Visit to Temple

We have this beautiful Jain temple (on G.N. Chetty Road) near our guest house. Visited this place in the evening – very nice place with grand marble structures.

Day 6 and 7 – At Chennai on a training

A badly needed weekend
Nothing new in that though. Generally all weekends are badly needed. After an intense training for five days, it was a great relief.

In the morning, we had decided to go for a ‘brunch’ at Murugan Idli shop (at GM Chetty Road). We reached there at about 11:30 – really hungry having had no breakfast. Even though the shop is a bit small, the food here is really great. Moreover, the food is served in a traditional way on a banana leaf. They also have an innovative way of serving water – disposable plastic glass put in a smaller steel glass. We tried a lot of different dishes there, including sweet pongal, which was really great. Other customers around were quite friendly and also showed us how first we needed to sprinkle some water to clean the banana leaf. However, people became a bit alarmed when we told them that we had come from Pune (i.e. due to H1N1 flu). The filter coffee was a bit mild here, but tasted great. After a really heavy meal, an afternoon siesta was badly needed.

In the evening, we went to Spencer Plaza. It is a huge shopping complex with almost all the varieties of shops and brands. When I checked its history in Wikipedia, it is supposed to be originally built in 1863. Later, when it was destroyed by fire in 1985, it was rebuilt.

Sunday morning starts at 5:15 am
We went to Marina beach today morning. Our plan was to reach there before sunrise, so that we see the scenic view of the horizon. Even though we reached on time, we could not see sunrise because of the clouds. However, the atmosphere on the beach was amazing. I have seldom felt so fresh on a Sunday morning.

Back to exam days
Our ‘badly needed weekend’ was eclipsed by the fact that there was supposed to be an online test in the Training on Monday morning. Hence, spent most of the Sunday reading and revising.