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  1. I guess you live in Pune. If yes, I wanted some some first hand info on Lonavala.

    My brother-in-law, marine engineer, wants to give up his amphibian life. He is getting an offer for teaching in the marine training school of his company at Lonavala (thought it will pay about 7 times less than his current post of chief engineer) and him and my sister want to shift. They have a three year old kid who has been recently admitted to the city’s best school in Ranchi. They are worried about the schooling system/facilities in Lonavala (someone said there aren’t good schools but all else is fine with the place). Can you give me advice/info/suggestion/insight from your knowledge or find out from someone who knows about the place. Looking forward to your response,

  2. Yes Vikas, you guessed right… I stay in Pune..

    We have shifted here about 2 years back, and dont have as much idea about schools at Lonavla… However, the vicinity of Pune and Lonavla are considered to be quite an extensive eductation centre..

    If your brother-in-law plans to stay at Pune and commute to Lonavla, there would be lot of options for good schools (Lonavla is about 50kms from Pune).

    Even at Lonavla, there are many schools (I could find with wiki)..there is one ISCGE school too viz. The Cathedral Vidhya School..

    I believe schooling in Lonavla would be more fun, as it is a very scenic place and the schools would have large premises and facilities..

    I would also try to get some additional info from someone…

  3. this is nice experience sir. and i am sending request so please check it and give reply.

    thnx sir

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