Camaraderie – against all odds

Yesterday, we had a fire drill at the place where I work. Neither the emergency alarm beeping loudly, nor the volunteers shouting at the top of their voices asking people to evacuate the premises were able to disrupt the bonding among friends. People first leisurely gathered themselves in their ‘lunch’ groups. And then, descended the stairs slowly talking and gossiping, mostly about the futility of the exercise and its impact on their valuable ‘productive’ time.

I don’t think the emergency alarm has 2 different sound options – one for mock drill and the other for real emergency. With the current state of affairs, people might take evacuation seriously only if they see real fire or smoke with their own eyes.

It is good to gather, talk, discuss, communicate, exchange views, etc, but if there’s an evacuation process going on, the only action that first comes to my mind is to ‘Get out and get safe’.


4 thoughts on “Camaraderie – against all odds

  1. Lolz…even we had sometime ago… we all hardly gave it any importance 😉 ..instead caught up wid colleagues chattering away to our glory!!!

    1. That’s exactly what i am trying to convey 🙂

      Actually, it’s really fine as long as u know it is a mock drill… nowadays, there are so many of them that it is difficult to say when there is actual emergency…

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