Day 10 – At Chennai on a training

Some reflections first
With the advent of science, human beings are now able to counter mostly anything – but not uncertainty. The mystery of what’s going to happen next is really quite unnerving and unsettling. Whenever there are circumstances, where a lot of varied scenarios (both suitable and unsuitable) are possible for the future, one really gets perplexed about the days to come.

…and now some foodie time
I had wanted to go to Shri Krishna sweets for lunch for quite some time, which finally got accomplished today. The food options, especially different types of combos were really great. I tried out a combo, which included Kesari (a sweet dish) and Pongal. Entire meal was really awesome. The ambience was quite clean and the staff showed great hospitality.

Moreover, at the end of the meal, we came to know that the meal included a complimentary mini-filter-coffee also. And as you must have guessed, it was quite welcome.

We are definitely planning to visit this place again.

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