Day 4 – At Chennai on a training

At the outset, I would want to clarify that I spend only about 2 hours having food and at least 8 hours attending training. Looking at the past few posts, it seems more like a Food-guide blog. It is just that there is nothing specific about the training to be posted.

So, keeping up the practice, I would start my food reviews. We went to ‘Hot Chips’ for lunch. ‘Hot Chips’ is a chain of restaurants in Chennai, unlike the chips shop of the same name you find in Mumbai and Pune (at least I have seen them only in these two cities).

The food was good here, but many items were not available during afternoon.

Our evening plans were more interesting. We went to Sathyam Cinemas for watching the movie Kaminey. As the movie halls were closed in Pune, I was not able to watch this movie. Hence, it was a good chance to watch it here. The movie hall was amazing. Great seats, great projector quality, great ambience. I could not take pictures inside the building, as photography was not allowed.

About the movie: I love the movie. Performances were great. More about the movie later..


2 thoughts on “Day 4 – At Chennai on a training

  1. Boy ! you are in my supposedly home state. Regionalism. Be careful when you want to speak about the city.

    I wonder why your company conducts training and does’nt arrange lunch at the venue itself. It is part of cost cutting or it is your personal scheme of things.

    There are good punjabi/continental restaurants if you wish. Nothing comes cheap, especially autos in chennai. Be creful with these guys. You should have hot idly and dosas. Nothing to beat idly and safe for breakfast. Wonder why you need to have paratha in chennai. It will be miserable. By the way Vinay is in chennai. Enjoy.

  2. @ Kalyan: We usually have very good training facilities. Earlier when I had come to Chennai, I had a 5 day training at a beach resort at Mahabalipuram.

    This time, it is an external training at an external facility – more like a make shift arrangement. But, it is a good chance to explore food options outside. Moreover, I can get great filter coffee everyday after lunch. šŸ™‚

    Ya, we did see some great restaurants for north indian and continental food… But, nothing beats authentic local food…

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