Day 2 – At Chennai on a training

Great breakfast + Nice lunch + Not extraordinarily boring training = Not so bad day

If you get nice piping hot aloo parathas in breakfast, there’s not much that can make your day go bad. We had a nice filling breakfast at the guest house.

Training was Ok types. Not so much boring. And there was some new stuff to learn.

For lunch, we went to the much-hyped Sarvana Bhavan. The food was good, but the prices seemed quite high, and the options seemed quite limited. I guess, the high prices were partly attributable to the silver plates in which they served the food. The Shiv-Sagar restaurant at Aundh, Pune has much more choices in South Indian menu.

Moreover, got myself a nice filter coffee at the end of the meal.

One more thing I discovered about Chennai. The minimum auto-fare is Rs. 30. Even if we wanted to go quite nearby, we always ended up paying at least 30 bucks.

And one more thing that I felt – deciphering Marathi in Pune seems a cake-walk compared to communicating in Chennai with auto-walas, shop keepers, etc.


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