A better way of doing things

Everyday we come across a lot of situations when we are supposed to solve problems, execute complicated assignments, finish complex tasks, etc. This is applicable on both work as well as personal front.

A very effective way to handle a such a complex task is to:
Start with what is required rather than what is possible.

As short as that!

Whenever we start seeing the task from the perspective of what is our current ability or what is the minimum that we can start doing, we lose track. We try to map the task with our current inclinations, and do only that part, which is the simplest and less cumbersome.

Giving an example:
John’s boss has asked him to collate some data from different sources and plot the final output in a presentation. John really detests the data collation part, as it is very difficult getting data from different people. Hence, his mind would drive him towards starting with the presentation part. He might create a format and make some place-holders for the final output. He would either not take up the data collation part, or would do it half-heartedly. Either way, he would end up not finishing his task in the given time.

A positive scenario in the above example would be:

  • John lists down the data required.
  • He puts name of the people against each of the data item needed.
  • He calls up people, and if unsuccessful, calls up alternative contact people, or escalates, if needed. But he ensures that he receives the data.
  • He complies the data.
  • He places the data in the presentation in a suitable format.

You can apply this principle to some of your problems and see whether it works for you.

2 thoughts on “A better way of doing things

  1. Just to add to something which is already well written..any difficult task or shud i say difficult looking task… when broken up into smaller tasks which surely look less scary to confront, ensures achievement of the difficult task with ease and much more confidence.

    Frankly speaking, to imbibe this is our routine takes conscious effort ..which is my personal experience too, but once we learn this it goes a long way to help us in becoming achievers.

    Thanks Ronak for helping relearn this lesson..!!

  2. @Purvi: Rightly said…
    Whenever we enounter a complex problem, it becomes a lot more ‘solvable’ if we try breaking into small simple units…

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