Means of life

Our life today has got dependent on so many machines and gadgets that we have forgotten the difference between means of living life and life itself. Gadgets like cellphones and computers have no doubt made our lives easier and efficient, but have distanced us from our friends, loved ones and nature. The only flowers we really notice now, are the ones on our desktop wallpaper. The really interesting conversations we have with our friends are through ‘scraps’ in orkut and facebook. The last skillful goal you have scored is in a game in your cellphone. The last earnest decoration you have done is by changing your Gmail theme.

We are continuously being led far away from the ‘real’ world. A world where a sight of dew drops on a tender green leaf can freshen up your morning like no tea or coffee can. A world where the sound of chirping birds is the best music which no expensive ipods or music players can match. A world where the fragrance of soil drenched by first rains is far more pleasant than exotic perfumes. A world where relaxing is lying down under the shade of a tree and enjoying nature.

Let’s enjoy the real world and real life before it becomes extinct.