What they say v/s What they mean

There are certain quotes in IT industry used in daily course. I have just tried delayering the quote and looked to the underlying meaning…

What they say v/s What they mean

  • “…but it was a good learning experience.”
    “All our hard efforts have gone waste… that proposal did not materialize.”
  • “Our PM is a great person…”
    “Our PM does not have any clue about the project or deliverables… but plans parties and trips really well.”
  • “I have reviewed the attachment…”
    “I think your attachment is an excel file and has black fonts…”
  • “I will start your KT from tomorrow…”
    “I had been stuck up with this project since long, but seems that days of freedom are near… you are the next scapegoat.”
  • “Ram was our outstanding achiever last month.”
    “Last month, we had to make Ram work 14 hours a day and even on Saturdays…”

Glossary: (For people who are not from IT industry)

PM: Project Manager

KT: Knowledge Transition


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are just in a lighter vein. 🙂


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