I don’t know whether this is an official dictionary term, but the class of people it denotes is certainly a sizable percentage of the population we live among. Visualize a group of people standing in a lunch queue at their workplace. People coming later join the queue; and everyone gets the food in the order of the queue. Just and fair – no chaos – no grumblings.

But suddenly comes a super being who does not believe in lowly concepts like First-come-first-serve, queues, etc. This person acting under the supreme authority conferred upon him by himself, just gets into the middle of the queue and joins the group. I call them Q-crashers.

Through my own experiences, I have come across the following characteristics of Q-crashers:

  1. They are super beings
    As I already said Q-crashers think they are super beings. As per them, they have a right to be served first before any of the lesser mortals.
  2. Absence of guilt feeling
    They don’t have any guilt feeling while forcing their way into the queue. On the contrary, they do it with such an air that their action seems completely justifiable.
  3. Size of the queue does not matter
    A monarch is a monarch and does not stand in a queue. Be it a long queue or a small one.

Sarcasm apart, I think this really needs to be addressed if we want to grow further on the path of a developed civilized society. And even though I am initially referring to a class of people, what really needs to be curtailed is a small devil voice in each one of us, which tempts us to ‘break the queue.’

6 thoughts on “Q-Crashers

  1. Think you’ll enjoy this. A few years ago a young male Q-crasher stepped in front of an elderly lady in a MacDonalds line and gave her a “So do something about it smirk.” Before I could react, she did something about it. She used the umbrella she carried like a sword and silently stabbed the Q-C in the padubbies. The thrust was hard enough to double the man up and send him to the floor. The crowd clapped as he writhed. Visit me at http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com for a thought and a laugh about New Years’ Resolutions

  2. haha….nice one. i’m glad someone did something about this. i personally would’ve engaged him in quite a verbal, load and profanic duel. which he definitely would’ve lost..

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