New year resolutions

My New Year Resolution last year was – “Not to wait till the next New Year to make any new resolutions”.  If you want to know my actual adherence to this resolution, I did make a few resolutions during the year, of which the success ratio was satisfactory, though not excellent.

But what I really want to write about is the concept of ‘Resolutions’.  In quite many cases, people use Resolutions more to flaunt them before friends, ‘try’ sticking to them for some months, weeks or days, and then get back to their old ways. I have a few friends who are so ‘determined’ to quit smoking that every year it forms a part of their Resolution. Then a few detox weeks later, they are back with their ‘sutta-breaks’.

Through this post, I do not intend to criticize the people who are not able to uphold their Resolutions, because this more or less happens with all of us. We do fall to the trap of Temptations (viz. unofficial antonym of Resolution). What I want to highlight here is that a Resolution should be a conscious and strong decision towards being a better individual. And such decisions can be taken at any time during the year, not necessarily waiting till the New Year or Birthday.

In this context, I remember an example which was given in an HR training in my previous company. It said – “To strengthen your mind, try starting with simple decisions like getting up early. On the first day, there will be two arguing voices in your mind; One saying – Get up, follow your decision. And other saying – it is more comfortable to sleep, so don’t get up. Every time you listen to the former voice, your determination will keep on becoming stronger. Once your mind is trained to curb these smaller temptations, the bigger ones will fall through.”

So, a resolution can be made not only be at the New Year but also during the New Year…

5 thoughts on “New year resolutions

  1. interesting post and I agree with u completely considering i’ve had a only about a dozen resolutions to quit smoking. i haven’t managed to maintain a single one……so now i’ve stopped 🙂

  2. It’s funny, last year I resolved to make New Year’s resolutions whenever they came to mind. It’s actually worked pretty well for me too.

    I am glad you enjoyed my photography, and I hope you give it a try yourself. Photography is a great way to let your creative eye wander because it’s so accessible: You don’t need any special skills, and the equipment is readily available and (relatively) inexpensive. Let me know how it works out for you.

  3. I made my new year resolutions private; it was on my blog for some 5 days!

    I am not really following them completely but I have followed many vows in the past such as I have quit for good these things: cigarette, soft drinks, tea, coffee, jalebi, puri, bhature, nail biting, Dairy Milk Chocolate, Crunchy Munchy, Butter, jam etc. The latter are placed in a different category and are inviolable and sacrosanct.

    It is common for me to take vows and resolutions; a certain category of vows are very seriosuly (as mentioned above). But the regular category (New Year vows) are taken less seriously.

    P.S.: I was here only morning. You changed the theme!

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