All about an Idea

It was all about an idea;
Thought of it,
Dreamt of it,
Just nurtured it like a plant.

I was happy –
It was growing.
But alas – one day,
The water dried out.

The leaves were yellow;
Some fell on the mud.
I cried out to my heart:
Wish I would have asked someone for water.

(Background of this poem: I wrote this poem while attending a workshop on Ideas and Innovation. One of the key learnings there was about sharing the idea with others and collectively building upon it, so that it can be duly taken forward and implemented. )

4 thoughts on “All about an Idea

  1. In future, do not hesitate to ask ‘someone for water’! Save ideas and vegetation.

    I am subscribing to your RSS feeds. Thank God you are not like other bloggers who write enormously and so often (like me 😉 )

  2. I know.. the poem ends a bit on a tragic note…

    the trainer there (in the workshop) added a couple of verses to make it sound positive… I think I will add those also…

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