Living Life

You call it the beauty of life, or its cruelty, but you are down there on the face of the earth – smiling, enjoying and living your life without even knowing what lies in the store for you the next hour, or even the next moment. And when the unforeseen cometh, you are completely taken aback. This is because while living your life, you have cultivated a habit to plan and expect. You want to conquer a time frame called ‘the future’, which unfortunately is never yours. Life has allowed you to enjoy your present, but sadly has not given you any ownership rights over the future.

Life makes you believe that you own your entire life, since the time you were born, till the time you die. But if you try to see closely, you do not own the past. For, it is just like the letters engraved on stone, which you may treasure or reminisce, but you cannot change. And your future is like a cloud far away, sailing your way. But by the time the cloud reaches you, it is completely in a different form, and worse you cannot hold it or own it. You can just feel the cloud as it comes and let it pass.

So when we spend most of our time recalling the stones buried deep down, or observing the clouds lying far away, we seldom find time to breathe and feel the air, which is around us right now…

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