Camaraderie – against all odds

Yesterday, we had a fire drill at the place where I work. Neither the emergency alarm beeping loudly, nor the volunteers shouting at the top of their voices asking people to evacuate the premises were able to disrupt the bonding among friends. People first leisurely gathered themselves in their ‘lunch’ groups. And then, descended the… Continue reading Camaraderie – against all odds

Day 1 – Trip to Mathura

Some clarifications first I am not a frequent traveler type. These two adjoining trips are just by coincidence. Mathura station We got down at Mathura station at 7:30 am. The station is not at all clean, and it was a relief when we got out of the station. Our first mode of transport was a… Continue reading Day 1 – Trip to Mathura

Last 2 days – In Chennai on a training

—– Written at 4:30 PM on Sep, 11 —– They say, Life is made up of good and bad experiences So far, our stay in Chennai had been quite good. But just on the second last day, the power went off in one of the phases at about 11:50 pm. So only a few of… Continue reading Last 2 days – In Chennai on a training

Day 17 – In Chennai on a training

Testing times are over …as in the test, for which I was preparing yesterday night, was taken today. I scored a decent enough score, but a bigger relief was that 2 tests are over. There’s one still left on the coming Friday though. About the luncheon Today, we went to ‘Rangoli’ in Sarvana Bhavan for… Continue reading Day 17 – In Chennai on a training

Day 15 – In Chennai on a training

They say, “Think before you wish” After a hectic training schedule in the previous week, we wished that the training this week be a bit relaxed. But if wishes come true, they come true in extremes. Out of 9 hours we spent in the training room, the effective training was only 2 hours. In the… Continue reading Day 15 – In Chennai on a training

Day 13 & 14 – At Chennai on a training

Lunch at Murugan Idli Shop Like last Saturday, this time also we went to this place for lunch. Food was amazing, especially the idlis and sweet pongal. Watched Socha na tha for 6th time Watched this movie on my laptop on Saturday afternoon. Amazing movie by Imtiaz Ali, where Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia are… Continue reading Day 13 & 14 – At Chennai on a training